Novel Heat Sink Materials 
for Power Electronics Applications

10. 10. 2007

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 2nd ExtreMat training activity this year. It will be held on October 10, 2007 in Nuremberg, Germany.


ExtreMat is currently the most important European research project in the field of materials for extreme environments. A number of high thermally conductive materials is developed in ExtreMat and will be introduced to the market in the near future.

This training activity will provide an overview of the novel heat spreader and heat sink materials for power electronics and other challenging electronics applications. It addresses potential industrial users and application oriented materials experts and shall stimulate a lively exchange of information, views and ideas for future applications.

The one-day seminar will last from 9 am to 4 pm. Working language will be English.

The morning session will present the current state of research concerning novel Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials, namely copper-diamond, copper-SiC, copper-graphite, aluminium-diamond, silver-diamond and copper-carbon-nanotubes. Besides the thermal and micromechanical properties of these materials, another important point will be different production routes currently under development, which will have a significant influence on prices, shapes and availabilities of new heat spreaders and heat sinks. 

The afternoon sesssion will be devoted to application oriented questions, like supply and availability on the market, how to evaluate the expected benefits for power electronics modules, expected reliability and long term behavior as well as general requirements from the user side.

The seminar will take place the day after the industrial cooperation forum “Leistungselektronik” (power electronics), which Bayern Innovativ organizes together with the European Center for Power Electronics and the Bavarian Cluster Leistungselektronik in Nurember on October 9, 2007.
(For more information on this cooperation forum see www.bayern-innovativ.de/leistungselektronik07)


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