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Partners' Roles

The research centres participating provide their excellent infrastructure in terms of trial processing equipment and material testing and characterization. In addition, all research centres participating possess excellent expertise in the fields of advanced materials development as well as materials modelling relating to aerospace materials, energy conversion materials, advanced energy system materials.

Universities and materials science institutes provide input in direct relation to their highly specific expertise, e.g. knowledge-based material selection, atomic engineering of composite interfaces, micro-tomography, NDE, micro-mechanical modelling of complex materials.

Advanced materials industry will carry out the major work in terms of scaling new processing routes towards industrial production and will actively pursue transfer of scientific development into market-compliant materials.

Leading product and systems related industry is responsible for pursuing the relation “system/product-component-material” and demonstrating the integration of materials into components and products.

SMEs commanding highly specific know-how have been identified as potential partners. Co-operation within this IP will broaden as well as deepen this expertise and lead to further innovation carried by SMEs. Calls for further SME participation will be issued during the project.

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