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Preparation of Titanium

Preparation of Titanium doped graphites using self-sintering carbon precursors
José Manuel Ramos-Fernández, Manuel Martínez-Escandell, Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso

Carbons materials can be used as plasma-facing components of fusion devices due to their, low atomic number, high thermal shock resistance, absence of melting and low radiation of carbon atoms from the central plasma. In addition to these properties a high thermal conductivity and low erosion due to energetic atoms of hydrogen and oxygen are desired. The production of self-passivating materials using graphite doped with metallic carbides is a good method to improve the latter properties. Results with titanium carbide among other carbides indicate that this heteroatom catalyses graphitisation and increases thermal conductivity of the carbon. Additionally, titanium doped graphites reduces significantly the erosion under hydrogen bombardment compared to the undoped graphites, the material being thought to be more effective in erosion protection as particles size decreases and a more homogeneous material is achieved. The use of doped self-sintering carbon to produce graphites is a good alternative to obtain graphites with high density and mechanical properties and a homogeneous particle distribution of the dopant. This paper deals with the process of preparation of titanium doped graphite using a self-sintering precursor.

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Prof. Francisco Rodriquez Reinoso

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