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  • Technological Objectives
  • Technological Objectives
  • Technological Objectives
  • Technological Objectives
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Technological Objectives

The technological objective of the ExtreMat project is to develop new materials and the corresponding crosscutting processing technologies and to demonstrate the component fabrication from these materials. Research comprises:

  • ultra-low erosion protection materialswith integrated barrier functions;
  • new heat sink materials;
  • nano-composited refractory metals as radiation resistant high temperature materials;
  • design, engineering and production of multi-functional compounds and components from these materials for new or enhanced operational regimes.

            The new materials shall

                  • operate in chemico-physically aggressive environment (atomic oxygen, hydrogen) up to 2000°C with near zero erosion and controlled behaviour under off-normal conditions (self-passivating protection materials);
                  • remove heat fluxes of the 20 MW/m2 level, partially at temperatures of up to 1000°C, and have tailored architecture and CTE (new heat sink materials);
                  • be resistant against very intense irradiation (150 dpa level) and be environmentally benign in terms of low radioactivation;
                  • be processed into knowledge-based, industrially applicable compounds and components with added functionality, e.g. barrier functions, and very long lifetime.

                  The resulting radical multi-sectorial innovations will span

                  • efficiency and lifetime enhancement of energy generation systems
                  • safe and reusable space components (protection, thrusters)
                  • compact 3-d multi-chip devices with optimum thermal management
                  • long lifetime, low-waste components in new neutron-based systems, e.g. spallation, ADS, VHTRs
                  • the harnessing of fusion as inexhaustible energy source
                  • spin-offs to other sectors and applications, like new brake systems, furnaces, chemical processes etc.

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