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The ExtreMat project constitutes a radically new approach to the development of materials solutions for extreme environments. Historically, research has been strongly application oriented and isolated from a wider context. This resulted in a multiplicity of nearly parallel development paths yielding only to incremental progress in materials performance.

ExtreMat will merge the materials-related expertise so far dispersed in different fields of applications, e.g. space industry, turbine manufacture, electronic device industry, power generation research, and radiation facilities. Identification of the common loading aspects of materials allows pooling of basic and specific knowledge.

The critical mass for real breakthrough-oriented RTD is assembled by pursuing the common materials issues for a range of applications in which materials have to sustain several aspects of an “extreme environment”.

In detail, the project will focus on four major aspects:

Subproject 1: Self-passivating Protection Materials
The overall objective of this subproject is to develop in a phased approach radically new protection materials with self-passivating effect under physico-chemically aggressive media, able to withstand at the same time high thermal and mechanical loads, and with passive stability (surface regeneration) under off-normal conditions.

Subproject 2: Heat Sink Materials
The overall objective is to develop novel heat sink composites and to test their performance under extreme loading conditions.

Subproject 3: Radiation Resistant Materials
The overall objective of this subproject is to develop radiation resistant materials for protective and heat flux applications under very intense irradiation. Where possible these materials should be of tailored low activation composition.

Subproject 4: ExtreMat Compounds
The overall objectives of this subproject is to act as the technological and systems engineering bracket and to provide optimum interfacial technologies to combine the highly functionalised materials of the Subprojects 1 to 3 into multi-functional compounds and components, furnished with added functionalities for operation in extreme environments.

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