High-performance diamond-based

Innovations in superabrasives and thermal management

10. 11. 2006, Empa Akademie, Dübendorf, CH
This one-day conference provided an overview of recent technological advances and related applications based on diamond and diamond composites with particular focus on cutting tool and thermal management issues.

The conference also aims at enhancing the understanding of the basic materials science aspects pertaining to the relationships between materials chemistry, processing technologies, microstructural aspects and the physical and mechanical properties of the final products.

Target audience
R&D representatives from industry, manufacturers and end users of advanced diamond-based materials for use in superabrasives and thermal management issues. Scientists, engineers and technicians interested in the materials, properties and aspects related to the manufacture of high performance diamond-based composites.

This conference is co-organized together with the ExtreMat Consortium as a training activity within the framework of the Integrated European Project «ExtreMat» (Contract NMP-CT-2004-500253) with financial support by the European Community.

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