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  • Graphite Foam Infiltrated
  • Graphite Foam Infiltrated
  • Graphite Foam Infiltrated
  • Graphite Foam Infiltrated
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Graphite Foam Infiltrated

Graphite Foam Infiltrated With Metal Alloys
Richard Prieto, Javier Narciso, Maryam Bahraini, José Miguel Molina, Ludger Weber, Enrique Louis

The development of thermal management devices and materials has received quite some attention in recent years. Carbon based materials (diamond, graphite flakes, and carbon fibres) are of great promise since they combine low to very low CTE and high thermal conductivity. In combination with highly conducting metals quite a range of CTE and thermal conductivity combinations can be achieved. In the past focus was placed on continuous carbon fibre reinforced metals. However, this type of composites showed a complex and expensive manufactured process and their properties were highly anisotropic (Klett, 2000, Mehta, 2003). Carbon short fibre composites allow reducing anisotropy yet at the price of significantly reduced thermal conductivity due the frequent heat transfer problem at the metal carbon interface.

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February 27, 1964 born in Madrid/Spain
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