9th Liège Conference on Materials for Advanced Power Engineering

27. -29. 09. 2010, Liège, Belgium
The achievements of the European materials development projects carried out in the COST Actions 536 ‘Alloy Development for Critical Components of Environmentally Friendly Power Plant‘ and 538 ‘High Temperature Plant Lifetime Extension‘ which are ended in 2009 and 2008, respectively, will be reviewed.

The topics that will be covered in the conference are:

  • Ferritic, martensitic, and austenitic steels as well as Nickel base alloys for high temperature steam power plants
  • Coatings for protection against fire-side and steam-side
    corrosion in steam power plants
  • High performance Nickel base alloys for gas turbines
  • Innovative thermal barrier coatings for high efficiency gas
  • Membrane materials for CO2 - separation in zero emission
    power plants
  • Materials for nuclear fusion reactors and advanced nuclear
    fission power plants
  • Materials issues for alternative power plant processes
    (IGCC, Oxyfuel) as well as for combustion of low grade
    fuels, biomass and waste
  • Production of components, including casting, hot and cold
    working, heat treatment and welding
  • Novel materials (intermetallics, composites) and processes
    for energy conversion
  • Cross cutting topics in research on high temperature
    materials, especially:
    - High temperature corrosion
    - Thermomechanical fatigue
    - Modeling and lifetime prediction tools

Following the well established format of previous Liège conferences, a series of review papers will describe the European materials developments carried out in the COST Actions 536 and 538. Invited lectures by internationally recognized experts will present the status within the other topics mentioned above. Sessions concerning new energy technologies and materials perspectives for the next decade
are planned. Contributions on all issues to be presented at the conference are welcome. They will be presented in the form of posters combined with reviewed proceedings.

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