Materials Science and Engineering Congress

01. -04. 09. 2008, Nuremberg, Germany
The Congress 'Materials Science and Engineering' is supported by 16 materials societies and offers multilateral parties the opportunity to exchange ideas and to organise societal activities in this thematic field.

The Materials Professionals

Germany is home of a large variety of materials related professional and learned societies. All together, their topical focus makes up the full range of materials science and engineering. Though, cooperation across these various materials organisations is not always obvious. Likewise, policy makers – whether industrial managers, academic administrators or funding authorities – miss to communicate with this diverse community to discover its directions, priorities and opportunities.

A Clearing House for the Materials Community

In order to promote and facilitate communication and cooperation between the materials societies, efforts have recently been made to build up a sort of a clearing house while fully respecting the identity of the contributing societies. This will increase their public visibility and their political impact to the benefit of their members. It will hence create an atmosphere in which young talents increasingly return towards the professions and industries associated with them.

A new Materials Congress

This joint effort requires a forum on which the multilateral parties can meet to exchange ideas and to organise societal activities – the congress Materials Science and Engineering. There is every indication that MSE will finally be supported by the majority of the German Materials Societies MSE will cover a broad range of materials subjects that are put out for a Call for Papers in Germany and beyond. This is why the prime language of the congress will be English. But specific topics for particular target groups will be presented in German. MSE will take place biennially in the new congress centre CCN-Ost of the Nürnberg fairgrounds.

Side Events to serve Community Activities

Following its intersocietal approach, MSE will offer to accomodate any kind of technical and non-technical side event referring to research funding, educational programmes, general assemblies, etc.

For more information see the MSE 2008 homepage: http://www.mse-congress.de/

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