35th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC-2011)

23. -28. 01. 2011, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
The conference showcases cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armor ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic coatings, bioceramics and more. Symposium 13 "Advanced Ceramics and Composites for Nuclear and Fusion Applications" provides a venue for materials scientists and nuclear engineers to discuss the opportunities and needs of advanced ceramics and composites in such energy systems, and current state of the art for science and technology of these materials ranging from materials design, processing, and properties to qualification and licensing.

This symposium will deal with topics related to:

• Ceramic and carbon composites for high temperature reactors
• SiC ceramics and composites for fusion energy
• Ceramic for fuel coating and inert fuel matrix
• Materials for fusion plasma facing components
• ZrC and other alternative fuel coatings
• Graphite and carbon materials
• Radiation and environmental effects
• Fuel reprocessing and management of fission product elements
• Crystalline, amorphous and composite materials for waste immobilization
• Stress, operating temperature, and lifetime-limiting issues
• Material/composite design                           
• Test standards and design cod

Further information and registration
Further information and registration
Brochure Call for Papers, Abstracts Due July 19, 2010Brochure Call for Papers, Abstracts Due July 19, 2010
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