Material Issues for ADS: MYRRHA-Project

E. Lucon (Sp), A. Almazouzi, SCK-CEN, Moll (Belgium) 
MYRRHA (a Multipropose hYbride Research Reactor for High-tech-Application) is designed as a multi-purpose facility in order to support research programmes on structural fission and fusion reactor materials and nuclear fuel for ADS (Accelerator Driven System), but also for critical reactors of present generation but targeting higher burn up limits or for next generation reactors. MYRRHA will finally be a major contribution to demonstrate on one hand the ADS concept at a reasonable power level and on the other hand the technological feasibility of transmutation of Minor Actinides (MA) and Long-Lived Fission Products (LLFP) arising from the reprocessing of radioactive waste.
This paper is summurising the basic parameters of MYRRHA and providing a short description of the conceptual design. The research and development effort needed for its realisation are briefly discussed with emphasis on the material issues.

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