Relation between microstructure and Charpy impact properties of an elemental and pre-alloyed 14Cr ODS ferritic steel powder after hot isostatic pressing



Z. Oksiuta • E. Boehm-Courjault • N. Baluc

Received: 20 September 2009 / Accepted: 29 March 2010 / Published online: 10 April 2010


This article describes the microstructure and Charpy impact properties of an Fe–14Cr–2W–0.3Ti–
0.3Y2O3 oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS)-reduced activation ferritic (RAF) steel, manufactured either from elemental powders or from an Fe–14Cr–2W–0.3Ti prealloyed powder. ODS RAF steels have been produced by mechanical alloying of powders with 0.3 wt% Y2O3 nanoparticles in either a planetary ball mill or an attritor ball mill, for 45 and 20 h, respectively, followed by hot
isostatic pressing (HIPping) at 1,150 C under a pressure of 200 MPa for 4 h and heat treatment at 850 C for 1 h. It was found that the elemental ODS steel powder contains smaller particles with a higher specific surface area and a two times higher oxygen amount than the pre-alloyed ODS
steel powder. ...

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